Monday, 10 July 2017

Taking Care of Womens Leather Bags

Investing in leather products is called an investment because they are extremely pricey though keep serving the users for years to come. Many women admit that they still can use and proudly showcase the leather bags and jackets that once their grandparents used to boast of! Yes this is true and leather bags do not develop signs of wear and tear that easily but it does not mean you can roughly mishandle them. Womens Leather Bags always come with a high price tag, so taking its proper care is an intelligent decision.
  • Never immerse leather product in water.
  • If it gets get, let it get dry at room temperature.
  • silicone polymer spray, or an acrylic copolymer spray can be used to make the leather product water-proof.
  • Use leather conditioner but not ones containing petroleum and mineral oil.
  • If in winter, whit salt deposits form on the product, use damp cloth to erase so.
  • Keep the Womens Leather Bags in a dark cool area, away from heating sources.
  • Do not store leather bags in unusually hot and damp closets.
  • Do not store it in plastic bags.
  • Keep the bag away from pesticides because leather can absorb them, including the smell.

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