Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Ladies Biker Leather Jackets- Points to Ponder:

Everything related to women have something to do with style. The same applies for the leather jackets for the bikers too. If you are a first timer to buy the ladies biker leather jackets, here are some points you need to consider apart from the style and color. The two major factors to consider are quality of the leather, and the fit.
Quality is the key: 
Sheep leather and cow leather are preferred equally, though the latter is best and offers superior finish. But this is a personal choice too. Both can be protective for the wearer. But, if you want to spend less, then go for the leather jackets that have a blend of the textile. But, you cannot compromise anything lesser than that. Understanding that the leather jackets for bikers are meant to protect them and the vulnerable parts of body, in case of a collision or an accident will throw light on why you should not compromise on the leather quality. For a few women bikers, the thickness of the leather can be cumbersome, and they might need more ventilation. Here again, going for some jacket less than 1.4 mm thickness, in case of sheep or calf skin leather product, can be vain. For those, who love the thin jackets, kangaroo skin leather is a good option. It can offer same protection in 1 mm thickness, because it is robust.

Fit and flexibility: 
When you buy the ladies biker leather jackets quality is not the only factor to check. You should also verify if the jacket has been wax treated. The fit comes next to this. It is always advisable to buy the leather jackets for bikers, that are slightly below or above the hip bone. But if you are over weight, then the long jackets can do the trick to accentuate less on the heavy parts of the body. Above all these, you should feel free and flexible with the leather jackets. Leather is not as supple as other materials, and can certainly restrict the movements. If you are too much a fashionista, and want to get something that clings closers, ensure that you drive very carefully. Why the risk? It is better to choose something that is fit and flexible.

Added features
The collar and the design make the major difference in the women’s bike jackets. If there is a wide collar, you see the jacket looks stylish, and the characteristics of the wearer are accentuated. Such jackets when matched with primer shirts and pencil jeans can make you a style chic.

Take a look at your riding conditions. You can feel safe from the harsh conditions of weather when you wear a leather jacket that is padded. Even when there is a crash, padding ensures safety. Vents again can help you survive the harsh climatic conditions. The rider products more body heat, and vents can help one to come out of the excess heat. For enhanced safety, choose the jackets that have reflective materials in them.

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